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set your objective
meet your goals

  • Assess your business's current digital marketing.
  • Create a digital marketing roadmap that leads to your primary objective.
  • Design a strategy on how to get there.
  • Utilize and implement the necessary marketing tactics to be sure you accomplish your goals.  

Leo Schmid, started OST Marketing after working with business owners and hearing their frustration with digital marketing agencies.  The OST system works toward one single goal, and creates a plan that provides marketing direction everyone can understand.

The PRocess

1. Make an oBJECTIVE

What do you hope to accomplish this year?  

"Increase sales by 5% in one year"

2. Create a StrategY

How will you achieve your objective?

"Define our target demographic"

3. apply your tACTICS

What will you use to accomplish your strategy? "

"Reach our demographic through targeted advertising"

Our services


Facebook and instagram ads
Google Adwords

Learn how to build and maintain your Facebook and Instagram ad and/or Google Adwords accounts while adhering to brand standards, copy/voice and staying within the previously determined budget.  This process will result in your business having a dedicated ad sales funnel to drive sales and increase conversions.

CopyWriting and a/b testing

Copywriting combined with A/B testing is one of the quickest methods to seeing immediate results on your website. By creating and testing variations of body copy, headlines, and other elements (buttons, etc.) on your website, you will see increased traffic and conversions and a real impact in your revenue.

web design and landing pages

Whether you are looking to create your first website or build a landing page for a specific short-term goal, learn how to strategize, design, and build any type of site or landing page that will attract customers and achieve results.

seo and blog posting

Have your small business climb in the rankings.  Learn how to create an SEO page-optimization checklist and a detailed report highlighting suggested changes to boost your results.  Find out how Local SEO services will align your business citations across Google, Bing, Yelp and all map optimizations -- increasing your business's visibility to anyone that searches for similar products or services in your area.

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